Do you Spray & Pray?

Do you Spray & Pray?

I am shamelessly stealing this post – from my wife Pam Pam & I have been working on a new program for Interior Designers called “In Demand Designer” and 2 months ago it was about taking your business from the Basement to the Penthouse. But as we know that all changed, dramatically. Now it’s a lifeboat program and we’ve changed the focus on how to change dramatically how you attract new clients and new referral sources. It’s all about focusing on just one thing and letting the results rule your decisions and not your emotions. It’s tactical and relevant – just this morning she posted this and shared it to her list (which we’ve built entirely on LinkedIn!) and to her followers on LinkedIn. It’s just too good and I had to share.   Hey Bryan, When it comes to getting your name out there are you just trying a million different places and techniques to see what will stick? I call this the Spray and Pray approach, you’re just hoping your ideal customer is there at the exact time with money in hand, just waiting to hire you. Let me just say, the odds are not in your favor and you are expending a lot of energy with little to no return. 9836404_1589282877IQkimage.png I’m a big fan of using your precious time in ways that have the best return on investment. That includes being mindful of where your rock star client is hanging out and what is going on in their mind. When you focus and have clarity, your results skyrocket. 9836440_1589283000b3kimage.png​ I’m not in the business to pressure you to join something you are not interested in. If we chat and it’s not for you, no worries. But, you won’t know till you get those questions answered. ​Yours in Elevated! Success, Pam
How to use LinkedIn to reach those you want…

How to use LinkedIn to reach those you want…

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Startup Mentor & CEO Raj Jaipul. Raj’s mission is to help Entrepreneurs to get from thought to traction. His Youtube Channel – One Million Minds helps developing entrepreneurs do more by doing and not thinking about it. With today’s unprecedented access to executives and decision makers you can use tools like LinkedIn to be as effective as you can.

Be Warned! Automation & SPAM is HIGHLY frowned on upon and yes, I’ll share how to work around that so you can think more about how to provide value rather than just how to sell them something. Chances are if they are a buyer they will buy on THEIR timeline and not YOUR timeline.

I share 3 Solid ways to use LinkedIn (and not be a spammy rat!) and you can check it out here on Youtube!


To follow more about what Raj is trying to do and learn more check him out on YouTube!


How to use LinkedIn during Corona Virus time…

How to use LinkedIn during Corona Virus time…

I was recently interviewed by Nina Herschbherger a brilliant marketer who specializes in helping those who really want to stand out from the crowd.

I was fortunate enough to work with Nina to help her listeners…

Please check out



Bryan Durkin is a brilliant Magnetic Marketing Consultant who specializes in the B2B LinkedIn world. Today’s show was recorded in Nina Hershberger’s home office, because many people are quarantined in their homes during the Corona virus. This show is focusing on small business owners who may be very fearful right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Bryan Durkin has some real-world ideas, tips, and things you can be doing right now to help your business survive.

Bryan Durkin is a seasoned entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience in building and growing complex B2B businesses. In 1999, he founded a Document Management company, InfoStore which was sold in 2004, and then he relocated to Naples, FL. He grew the business from 2 employees to a workforce of more than 25 in the US and 225 remote associates. He is the author of “Stuck on First” that shares his story of building and growing his team using systems and processes that allowed his business to scale. Since 2017, Bryan has focused on creating “process-oriented market systems” for B2B companies using 2 main focuses –virtual teams and LinkedIn.

For more information on Bryan Durkin you can visit his website at:

Habits of success – Being Proactive

Habits of success – Being Proactive

There are more than 7 Habits of Success, but there are certainly not less of them.
We love what we do for Companies & People, helping them create more sales through a proven system of “habits” or processes that enable you to do more with less. Many times, it’s about how you do things and that you actually do them and not just think about doing them. We all stray from time to time from being our most effective and knowing that’s OK is a good thing. As long as you don’t make a habit of it.
Today I’m just going to talk about Steven Covey’s 1st habit of success- “Be Proactive”; think about the last time you received a call because someone told you that their product or service just wasn’t up to par and they would be doing it again. Probably pretty far and between.
When an Entrepreneur works with employees sometimes we get caught up in telling them the faults of their work. As humans we are all wired to think about about belonging and being part of a team, but sometimes our behest to make things better we sometimes make things worse.
If we can about enabling our colleagues to be proactive to creative positive change will always help them grow. Even if it’s just a public “Thank You” it’s really something that they will be proud of. Whether you are small manufacturing facility, retail shop or even a restaurant. Creating the culture of being proactive certainly makes more winners than losers and when you think of “Win-Win” you certainly think of Covey too.
The next time you think and act like I should “Just do it myself!” – how about helping those who try to do it, make a difference. You may be surprised when you find your team doing the best thing because it’s the right thing to do, not just do it because of fear of reprisal. Teach your team to be proactive and praise them when they do – its’ just as much about the process as it is the result.
If the process is solid then results will come.

Are you really “Doing your VERY best?”

Are you really “Doing your VERY best?”

Some days it’s just great to hear about those who really want to do their best and actually put the work in. Shared this today and thought you would appreciate when you BLINDLY put for all of the effort that’s required to get something done. Nor pretending to get something done, making excuses for not getting something done, but actually getting something done.

It’s just about 5 mins and this video has made my day MANY times – I hope it makes yours.

“Meaningful Scale”

“Meaningful Scale”

Is it too big?

Is it too small?

Is it just right?

I have a very interesting job, I work and network with clients from all over the world and in all shapes and sizes and yet I am constantly amazed at how we look at our own business and the ideas that CEO’s have about their own business.

When meeting some it’s the next Facebook, GM or even WalMart and they are not going to stop until they get there. I often wonder if they understand the times we live in and the resources needed (not just passion) to get to that scale.  While it’s always satisfying to see if get to those levels it’s just a fraction of those even get past First Base.

And for MANY other’s its’ the limiting belief that pre-wires them of why they can’t grow because they don’t they right people, the right equipment or it’s just a bad time. I just had a conference call with someone who had that exact belief and I called them out – not because I wanted to be mean but just wanted them to hear another perspective.

We Talked about Meaningful Scale

What exactly does that mean?

For many, it’s not always about overcoming a need for significance but rather the need for contribution – whether to a family unit, a business unit or anything else. Rather than the focus on the next milestone it becomes a focus on delivering one more thing, one more unit, a few dollars on every sale and contributing to the overall goal of the organization.

For a service business it may be the ability to deliver more timely or just ONE more client service visit per day.

For an ecommerce business it’s that extra 1% of conversions or 3% of optins for a lead magnet

For the CFO it’s an incremental efficiency that can make a difference in a unit’s performance.

For the CEO it’s the ability to say no to a non-contributing project (or better yet that ego driven ‘branding’ stuff!).

For a local contractor it’s getting 1 more project completed per year and adding an extra $15,000 to a household budget.

It’s NOT just about going public, being acquired or even raising money – its’ about solving a problem that a customer needs in come meaningful way.


What’s your Meaningful Scale?