How to just do a bit more than you competition

Some people think that they need some amazing level of effort to make a difference in their business and most don’t even realize that growth is probably closer than you think.


Maybe even as close as 2mm away.


You see if you make a 2mm shift in just 2 or 3 areas of your business, finance, outreach or operations and you do it for 30 days the math changes.


It really changes!


Sending a handwritten card to you old business contacts (not even clients!)


Sending a text to see how they are doing.


Reaching out to an old colleague on LinkedIn


Volunteering for something you are passionate about.


It’s all about that 2mm shift – or sometimes I like to call it the bear analogy.


You don’t to run very fast.


Just faster than your competitor next to you and chances are he’s sitting around waiting for his phone to ring.


Sound like you? If so please reach out to me and I would love to hear from you.