I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Startup Mentor & CEO Raj Jaipul. Raj’s mission is to help Entrepreneurs to get from thought to traction. His Youtube Channel – One Million Minds helps developing entrepreneurs do more by doing and not thinking about it. With today’s unprecedented access to executives and decision makers you can use tools like LinkedIn to be as effective as you can.

Be Warned! Automation & SPAM is HIGHLY frowned on upon and yes, I’ll share how to work around that so you can think more about how to provide value rather than just how to sell them something. Chances are if they are a buyer they will buy on THEIR timeline and not YOUR timeline.

I share 3 Solid ways to use LinkedIn (and not be a spammy rat!) and you can check it out here on Youtube!


To follow more about what Raj is trying to do and learn more check him out on YouTube!