There are more than 7 Habits of Success, but there are certainly not less of them.
We love what we do for Companies & People, helping them create more sales through a proven system of “habits” or processes that enable you to do more with less. Many times, it’s about how you do things and that you actually do them and not just think about doing them. We all stray from time to time from being our most effective and knowing that’s OK is a good thing. As long as you don’t make a habit of it.
Today I’m just going to talk about Steven Covey’s 1st habit of success- “Be Proactive”; think about the last time you received a call because someone told you that their product or service just wasn’t up to par and they would be doing it again. Probably pretty far and between.
When an Entrepreneur works with employees sometimes we get caught up in telling them the faults of their work. As humans we are all wired to think about about belonging and being part of a team, but sometimes our behest to make things better we sometimes make things worse.
If we can about enabling our colleagues to be proactive to creative positive change will always help them grow. Even if it’s just a public “Thank You” it’s really something that they will be proud of. Whether you are small manufacturing facility, retail shop or even a restaurant. Creating the culture of being proactive certainly makes more winners than losers and when you think of “Win-Win” you certainly think of Covey too.
The next time you think and act like I should “Just do it myself!” – how about helping those who try to do it, make a difference. You may be surprised when you find your team doing the best thing because it’s the right thing to do, not just do it because of fear of reprisal. Teach your team to be proactive and praise them when they do – its’ just as much about the process as it is the result.
If the process is solid then results will come.