Has Coach lost his mind?

So for the last few days the football world has been fascinated by all the moves of NFL’s free agency. Lots of sports talk on ESPN, Sports Radio, Satellite radio and countless offices around the world. Even in my house with 2 young complete sports lunatics they are asking – WHAT IS CHIP DOING? As a life long Eagles fan, I too am wondering.

But this morning I got it – he’s really looking at this like a business. Much like Ray Kroc did with McDonalds or Howard Schultz with Starbucks – he has built a system, believes in the system and is putting the players in place to make the system succeed (or fail) based on his beliefs.

I, for one, am of the belief that he will be successful, just as business’s who have a system are. It’s one thing to be lucky, another to work hard, and a completely another realm to work hard on the things that matter, get results and are proven to win.

Be a winner – build your system for success.

BRAVO Chip! I am looking forward to your call!