So, in your company – who is in charge of the SPT? So often as sales people try to make things happen (or more often than not, the owners) you are faced with the question.

Is this business we CAN do? Or is it business we SHOULD do?

Many times I am working with entrepreneur’s on their strategic planning – no it’s not scary but it’s really just the Who, What & Why of your business and they look at their market and think they are the next Walmart.

News Flash – YOU ARE NOT!


News Flash – You’re customers don’t want you to be all things to all people.

Owners often follow the shiny penny when they think they can do something, but it’s the SPT’s job to make sure that those decisions make sense. The SPT can only be effective if it’s enforcing the strategic plan, if it’s a bunch of bozos who just think they know everything, plow them over with your confidence and show them that you are merely just implementing the plan.

If you don’t have a plan, then you are President & CEO of Sales Prevention Team. Not a title anyone really should have.

Now go find the right customer for the right time!