If you know me personally (both currently and in my past) there is one thing you will always know about me – I’m always looking for an angle or a way to grow.  Personally and Professionally.

That’s the difference between an owner and an entrepreneur.  I am lucky enough to work and socialize with both types of business owners and although I understand the whole owner thing, it’s just not for me.

Here are some observations about owners:

  • They enjoy their lifestyle, car. membership at the club, etc.

  • Love to tell their stories about what they have done (yes they look at the past)

  • Fall back to their comfort zone in times of adversity

  • Look to themselves to complete everything because no one else get’s it

My thoughts on Entrepreneurs:

  • They love what they do – everyday at home and work.

  • They love to tell stories about what they are going to do and are committed to making it happen.

  • Are passionate (sic – crazy!?!?)

  • Look to the future with a willful abandon

  • Sometimes fly from one subject to the next.

OK – what about the successful ones?  THEY HAVE SOME OF BOTH!

  • Sometimes they dive into a problem and sometimes they delegate.

  • They understand everything about their business but don’t necessarily have to do everything all the time.

  • They talk about the past to help them get to the future.

  • They jump around but are smart enough to surround themselves with a team that will

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